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Containers are an increasingly important way for developers to package and deploy applications. Amazon Container Services are highly scalable, easy to use container management and registry services. AWS offers multiple container services, like Amazon ECS, Amazon Elastic Container Services for Kubernetes (Amazon EKS), and AWS Fargate to help you run containers in production.

AWS Marketplace, a curated digital catalog, has just announced first batch of trusted container products. Container products are offered in popular categories such as high performance computing, security, and developer tools. They are easy to deploy services using deployment templates such as task definitions, Helm charts, and AWS CloudFormation templates provided by the software vendors.

At launch, AWS Marketplace for containers includes  Virtual Service Catalog from CA Service Virtualization.  Virtual Service Catalog provides a central repository for viewing and sharing virtual services from a single dashboard. This allows teams across organization to leverage existing virtual services.

Service Virtualization is the practice of capturing and simulating the behavior, data, and performance characteristics of dependent systems and then creating a virtual copy of those dependent systems. Those virtual copies, which behave precisely as a live system, can then be used independently of actual, live systems to develop software without any constraints. Thus, software can be developed and deployed faster, with lower costs and higher quality

A reuse of assets significantly reduces the time a team spends creating, deploying  and maintaining new virtual services. Additionally, teams can drill-down into specific arguments, matching options and responses within a service to determine whether an existing service meets a given set of needs and/or specific data scenarios.

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Kiran Makarla

Kiran Makarla