DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONTop 10 Reasons You Don’t Need Service Virtualization

Avatar Jay SchadewaldJanuary 4, 20182 min

Vendors usually like to tell you how critical it is that you purchase and use their technologies, but not much attention is given to the types of people and businesses for whom the technology is not a good fit. This short list aims to remedy that where Service Virtualization is concerned. Here’s how you can tell that you probably don’t need virtual services.

10. Your business is simple.

Let’s face it: Life and business are way simpler than people think. Your business is tiny, and you like it that way. You have no legacy applications to integrate or upgrade, no databases, no NoSQL, no JMS or MQ, no RESTful services, and no mainframe. You don’t employ or contract any software developers. In fact, you just make and sell small handicrafts on someone else’s website.

9. What’s a defect?

You don’t have those. Your customers and stakeholders love your product, giving it consistent 5-star ratings, and your sales are growing. You can maintain this situation indefinitely.

8. You’re unimaginably profitable.

Inefficiencies don’t matter to you because you can spend billions without a care. “Just throw money at it” is your motto. Also, third-party services are the best! They can charge you whatever they want because they are so wonderfully reliable and accountable to your needs.

7. Every developer is Linus Torvalds on steroids.

If there were a list of world’s best software engineers, every member of your team would be on it. They are all world renowned, heavily published, and widely read. They write perfect code on their first try, and they never need to test it. They’re so good that you skip prototypes and go straight to production-ready systems overnight. Also, fantastic new developers spontaneously appear at your doorstep, so nobody ever needs any training.


Jay Schadewald