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Continuous Testing – Have Agile & DevOps Fallen Short?

If we practice Agile and DevOps, why do we now need Continuous Testing? Well, as enterprise organizations try to measure the impact that Agile had towards achieving business agility, most are realizing it didn’t fully deliver on the promise. Consensus seems to be Agile has certainly accelerated the process of turning a business idea into application code, but it stopped there. DevOps came in to fix the rest of the value stream, to provide an accelerated path for that application code to get to the hands of the users… as often as the business needs it. True business agility.

While that sounds great, organizations that claim to have adopted Agile and DevOps are still unable to realize the business value they were aiming for. They were finally successful at accelerating the process of taking an idea to the hands of the users. However, users didn’t perceive the value the business originally intended. Now why is that?

As those mature organization dug deeper, they realized they skipped many testing steps in their journey. The justification was that testing was the bottleneck. It would prevent them from taking that idea to the hands of the users quickly. The reason for testing to be deemed as the bottleneck is because teams were trying to test software the same way they used to do in the waterfall days. It’s just not fast enough to keep up with the pace of Agile development.

If you’ve ever worked in an enterprise organization, you know one the biggest challenges within IT today is to determine how to do testing in this Agile and DevOps world. Testing must be done in a way that it is not the bottleneck, but the enabler for quality code to be delivered quickly to users. Continuous Testingis the missing link to achieving that goal. But transforming traditional testing practices and culture is far from easy.

Continuous Testing Novel - The Kitty Hawk Venture

Continuous Testing Novel – The Kitty Hawk Venture

Recently, I published a novel called “The Kitty Hawk Venture” to address this cultural transformation that needs to occur and to also highlight just how relevant Continuous Testing is today.  The book discusses how a sea change is occurring in which the responsibility for testing is now being shifted leftward, closer to the beginning of the software development lifecycle (SDLC) and then all the way along it. This is knocking down the wall that has traditionally separated developers and testers, making quality everyone’s responsibility. Continuous Testing has become more imperative because the consequences of not doing it properly have become more visible.

Continuous Testing is a technical change that in turn demands a cultural change. As testing evolves and spreads out across the SDLC, companies and their IT departments must find a way to change the entire culture of how software is developed and tested.

The KittyHawk Venture wasn’t written as a textbook. Instead, the reader follows the journey of a Sr. Director of QA that is trying to learn, teach, convince and adopt Continuous Testing after she faces a major production incident. Full of twists and turns, with a cast of characters and plots that were inspired in real companies, real situations and real people, the reader learns about Continuous Testing in the enterprise context as they relate to many situations in the book. That is the most effective way of learning, as the reader sees himself or herself facing similar situations and decision in their own day-to-day.

To make the book more down-to-earth, we interviewed numerous IT leaders and practitioners who have actually gone through that journey to Continuous Testing themselves and succeeded in driving transformation in their enterprise organizations. We used everything we learned to build the cast of characters, dialogues, plots, dire situations, cliffhangers, jokes (yes!) and of course, the actual content.

Download “The Definitive Guide To Continuous Testing”

As a companion piece to “The Kitty Hawk Venture,” we’ve provided you with a “Definitive Guide to Continuous Testing” so you can learn the strategies, technologies and techniques that go into a successful Continuous Testing program.  You can download the Definitive Guide here to help you take flight in your Continuous Testing journey.

Watch this quick video on why you’ll love The Kitty Hawk Venture! But first, fasten your seat belts and make sure your tray tables and seat back are in their full upright position and enjoy the flight!


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Alex is a technology industry veteran with experience in Agile Software Engineering, Continuous Testing and DevOps. Alex has worked both sides of the wall, starting out as a developer and then moving into Software Testing. He has lead Quality Engineering practices across multiple companies and industries.