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The only way to truly achieve high quality continuous testing is to be able to perform all required testing activities within a given sprint. Successful in-sprint testing gives you the agility to ship software incrementally with the quality you might associate with a more extended release. If only it were easy. This video provides three reasons you should start in-sprint testing practices, and shows how tools like CA Agile Requirements Designer can help you do...


When designing and developing any piece of complex software, the process of feature refinement and design is endless. The product manager, developer, and tester must continuously ensure alignment on requirements, design, and behavior. This video shows how a model-based testing tool like CA Agile Requirements designer can help streamline the software development collaboration process:


Continuous Testing Academy Intro Series Intro What is continuous testing? How does continuous testing differ from test automation? What needs to change in order to fully adopt continuous testing in your organization? Learn “what is continuous testing” and how your organization can achieve speed with quality with the first video in the Continuous Testing Academy.