CONTINUOUS TESTINGReimagining Software Testing for Agile and DevOps

Today, we are thrilled to launch the world’s first Continuous Testing solution for enterprises. Read more.
Sushil Kumar Sushil KumarAugust 5, 20194 min

Agile and DevOps adoption continues to remain a top enterprise priority as businesses embrace digital transformation. While companies have made great progress in Agile process adoption and modernizing DevOps tool chains, traditional testing practices that primarily focus on manual UI testing at the near end of software delivery cycle are unsustainable.

It is no surprise that Gartner recommends adopting a “shift-left” approach to testing as an integral part of the software development cycle to help detect defects early, reduce cost of fixing defects, and maximize overall quality and user experience. 

Unlike traditional testing, shift-left testing makes quality a shared responsibility between software development teams and the centralized quality CoEs. Successful adoption of shift-left testing, however, requires modernization of testing tools, as legacy testing products were never designed for shift-left use by developers and Agile teams. A modern testing solution needs to be easy to use, embrace open source, and provide developer friendly interfaces such as APIs, CLIs, and IDE plug-ins, etc.

Introducing, BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing Platform

Today, we are thrilled to launch the world’s first Continuous Testing solution for enterprises. Building on BlazeMeter’s pioneering leadership in shift-left performance testing, we are introducing a rich set of new capabilities that transform BlazeMeter into a complete shift-left Continuous Testing Platform, where developers, testers and DevOps engineers can create and automate tests at every stage of the software delivery lifecycle. With the BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform, you can shift quality left with a single product that delivers all the capabilities you need for complete continuous testing. And it allows your teams to work the way they want “as code” or with an extremely easy to use UI.  

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform is not only the most modern and easiest to use product in the industry, it is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of Agile teams, enable CoE transformation, and eliminate many of the inefficiencies associated with traditional testing practices. For example:

  • Only BlazeMeter allows you to validate user experience under peak load by running both GUI functional and performance tests in a single run. Why is this a big deal? For the simple reason that in all likelihood almost all of GUI testing was performed on a system with little or no load, and that is the reason why slow UI pages under high load were not caught by your QA teams.  With BlazeMeter, this does not have to be so. Next time, use BlazeMeter to run the GUI functional tests on a fully loaded system with millions of virtual users to avoid post-production surprises.  
  • Only BlazeMeter allows you to fully test applications with downstream dependencies. Use the new Mock Services functionality to create intelligent mock services within minutes to test your applications against external or internal resources that may not be easily available. Unlike simple stubs, our Mock Services will help perform negative tests by simulating complex behaviors and error conditions to ensure that your application is resilient against downstream unpredictability and errors. BlazeMeter’s mock services go much beyond your simple stubs, they are truly “virtual services” that work pretty much like the actual applications. And we support popular open source and developer friendly tools including WireMock and CodeSV, as well as enterprise Service Virtualization capabilities, so that developers can choose the tools that best suit their needs.
  • Only BlazeMeter provides you full 360°visibility into the building blocks of your applications – the APIs. With fully integrated Runscope — industry’s #1 API monitoring SaaS — you can not only test APIs during dev and test phases, you can also turn the same scripts into synthetic monitors post production to have full visibility into API performance and availability from all around the globe. With thousands of users testing over 1.2 billion API calls each month, BlazeMeter Continuous Testing platform is the industry’s most sophisticated, mature, and scalable API testing and monitoring solution.

Open Source Ready Testing Platform

We are proud that BlazeMeter is considered developers’ number one choice for enterprise level performance testing, supporting over 20 open source testing tools in one platform. BlazeMeter’s Continuous Testing Platform builds on this heritage by supporting even more open source tools than ever before, as well as integrating with Broadcom and other third party testing tools, so your teams can work they want to work, in the same BlazeMeter interface, securely, at enterprise scale. 

BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform can help your business turn quality from being an expensive bottleneck to competitive differentiator. 

Welcome to a Modern era in software testing!

To learn more, sign up here for our upcoming webinar, or watch this short video to get a better idea of the product. 




Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar

Sushil is the Head of Broadcom's Continuous Testing Business.