DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONNew voke Impact Report suggests Service Virtualization is key for improving brand impact

Avatar George LawtonDecember 6, 20172 min

Theresa Lanowitz at voke media recently released a report on the benefits of service virtualization where they note that CA’s Service Virtualization offerings go beyond just technical improvements to the software development lifecycle, but can improve business impact as well. On the technical side, its well known that service virtualization removes constraints in the software development lifecycle, including unavailable or restricted systems, APIs that are under development, or third-party costly system. On the business side, service virtualization protects the brand through the release of higher quality and better performing software by allowing systems under development and test to be tested while the work is being done and not have to wait for all components to be ready. Service Virtualization can also improve time to market, by removing all non-essential wait times, dependencies on other components and allowing for teams to have all virtual resources needed, when they are needed. Software quality is more critical than ever to enterprises as more of the customer engagement occurs through digital channels in today’s application economy.

The report notes, “Many teams take the cavalier approach that all their problems are solved, and the use of service virtualization is not needed. This approach is far from the truth.” But all software teams, including those working on modern cloud architectures encounter constraints along the way. It is more important to focus on quality rather than time to market. The lack of stable and predictable environments for testing slows down or eliminates testing. This impacts the quality of new apps and updates.

The voke Impact ™ Report (found here) also outlines 3 opportunities to protect your organization’s brand and business through Service Virtualization:

  • Plan to use Service Virtualization from the beginning.
  • Release Quality Software with Confidence – Shift-Left
  • Test Early, Test More, Test Longer and Test Harder

Lanowitz will be speaking about her findings in an upcoming webcast on December 12 at 12 PM CST. Make sure to register in order to see the learn more about how Service Virtualization can impact your organization’s brand. Register to the webinar here.


George Lawton