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Naomi Goldberg Naomi GoldbergSeptember 23, 20194 min

Broadcom is looking forward to the DevOps Enterprise Summit in Las Vegas, Oct 28-30, 2019! We hope you will join us in booth #902 where we’ll have a number of exciting and new things to share.

DevOps Innovation: Two Intelligent DevOps Product Launches


New! BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform – Helps organizations shift left and evolve the Center of Excellence (CoE) with a single product that delivers complete continuous testing functionality including UI functional, performance, user experience, API testing and monitoring, and virtual or mock services – all integrated in an easy to use SaaS platform (public or private cloud). Built on, and fully compatible with open source, BlazeMeter is designed for Agile teams. There is no need for difficult set up or maintenance, you can get started for free in minutes.  


New! Automic® Continuous Delivery Director 7.1 – Helps enterprise DevOps teams release higher quality software at a greater velocity and reduced cost. It facilitates data-driven decision making, proactively identifies quality issues before rollout and accelerates delivery of business value. Automic Continuous Delivery Director automates, monitors and operates software delivery pipelines from development to production, as well as uses a built-in intelligence layer to optimize these pipelines for speed and quality. A SaaS starter edition is available for free to manage up to 10 release pipelines. Sign up here.


DevOps for the Mainframe with Zowe – We’ll be showcasing the Zowe open source framework which opens the mainframe to modern DevOps tooling and practices. Mainframes hold rich transactional data ready to fuel new digital experiences. Welcoming mainframe appdev into corporate DevOps ensures cross-platform deployment at speed. Check out the Zowe open source framework and take advantage of a free 1:1 Zowe workshop from Broadcom. 


Rally – With Rally Software®, you can plan, prioritize, manage, track, and continuously improve your work so that you can deliver the value that your customers need with speed, quality, and efficiency. Our enterprise-class Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) SaaS platform provides visibility into progress, roadblocks, and dependencies across multiple teams, projects, and programs. This allows you to align to your strategic goals and create better business results, and to do it all in a single system of record. Get started with Rally for free with our Rally Starter Edition for up to 50 users by signing up here.


In-Booth Lightning Talks

We’ll be holding multiple short technical talks in our booth every day of the conference. Join us for topics ranging from Continuous Testing, Mainframe DevOps using Open Source, Application Lifecycle Management and AIOps/Intelligent Automation.

Join us on Tuesday at 1pm for a special BlazeMeter Continuous Testing Platform and Continuous Delivery Director launch event in the booth. Hint – it’s going to be Sweet!


Speaking Sessions


Your Shift Left Initiatives are Failing – Here’s How You Can Win

Rich Jordan, QA Leader, Nationwide Building Society 

Wednesday, Oct 30, 11:10am-12:20pm

Today’s development teams are becoming more agile, building code more quickly and accurately to meet the needs of their customers and employees. But faster development is now putting pressure on teams to test more quickly, often within shorter sprints. Shifting left has never been more important…. so…how’s that working for you? Join us for this session as we discuss real-world stories and proven strategies for how your teams can win at shifting left. 


The Final Frontier: Extending Modern DevOps to the Mainframe

George DeCandio, CTO, Mainframe Division, Broadcom, Matt Hogstrom, Chief Architect, IBM & Chair, Zowe Leadership Committee, Mike Esposito, DevOps Leader, Aetna, Venkat Balabhadrapatruni, Lead Enterprise DevOps Solution Architect, Broadcom

Monday, Oct 28, 11:25am-11:55

The Zowe open source framework provides a cloud-like interface to the mainframe enabling teams to adopt practices and tools now common elsewhere in the organization. Incorporating the mainframe into these proven practices opens the door to powerful cross-platform applications and experiences. This distinguished panel will describe the striking productivity gains and software acceleration they’ve realized by extending modern DevOps to the mainframe, thereby unlocking the value of Hybrid IT.

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Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg

Naomi is a Product Marketing Manager at BlazeMeter, part of the Continuous Testing Business Unit.