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Jeff Hughes is a product marketing engineer for Broadcom. He has over 20 years experience in technology marketing with emphasis on testing, application development, security, Cloud and network technologies. Jeff joined CA/Broadcom in May, 2015 and provides marketing support for Test Data Manager and Service Virtualization. He is the author or 11 books on technology and marketing along with numerous ebooks and white papers. He has been a speaker at global conferences and trade shows and has been a regular presenter at CAWorld for the past three years.

Recently I watched a very interesting documentary about what it takes to keep an airport operational; from making meals, cleaning the aircraft, fueling the aircraft to moving millions of passengers every year with safety and comfort. It is quite remarkable how many tasks are occurring behind-the-scenes that, as a passenger, we never even think about. For example, nearly every major airport has miles of fuel lines buried below the terminals and tarmacs pumping millions of gallons of...