Here we highlight 11 free resources for DevOps and testing, as recommended by the BlazeMeter team.
Naomi Goldberg Naomi GoldbergJune 3, 20203 min

With COVID-19 hitting, more and more of our activity has headed online, including our learning. 

Yet even before we were all stuck at home, testers, developers and devops engineers have been making use of free online resources to learn new skills. 

free devops resources
free testing and devops resources- webinars, courses, articles

When it comes to DevOps and testing resources, there’s a huge choice of courses available, including some great free options. 


Here we highlight 11 free resources for DevOps and testing, as recommended by the BlazeMeter team. Are there other free resources you’ve found helpful? Let me know in the comments.


1.Ministry of Testing 


The Ministry of Testing offers a huge range of free resources, including podcasts, conference presentations and courses, as well as a choice of paid courses.


2. BlazeMeter University


BlazeMeter University is a free, accredited online resource that offers courses and certification in JMeter, Taurus, Continuous Testing, as well as integrating BlazeMeter with other enterprise tools.


3. API Academy


API Academy offers free certification courses for API Designers, Security Architects and Product Managers. More courses are being added all the time.


4. EdX


EdX offers a range of free and paid courses that are relevant for developers and DevOps engineers. Their Linux Foundation course is free and was recommended by our team, as is this Kubernetes course.


5. Alison


Alison is one of the top online education sites, with many courses that can help grow your testing and DevOps skill set. Our team recommends this free DevOps course in Kubernetes to get started.


6. Udemy


Many Udemy courses have been discounted during Corona, but there are also free courses, like this free DevOps Beginner course. This Docker with Selenium course was also recommended.


7. Test AutomationU 


Free courses from Applitools with industry leading instructors like Lisa Crispin, covering Testing and DevOps topics.


8. Udacity


Udacity has a huge range of courses for DevOps engineers and testers. We recommend this free course covering Version Control with Git.


9. EuroStar Huddle


EuroStar run one of Europe’s biggest testing conferences (this year it’s online) but they also run a popular community with free testing resources


10. is a leading source for free webinars, articles and other resources for DevOps professionals.


11. Test Guild


Joe Colantonio’s site has lots of free testing resources, including a focus on resources for developers who test. Conferences like PerfGuild have a charge.


Which DevOps and testing skills are you working on in 2020?

Naomi Goldberg

Naomi Goldberg

Naomi is a Product Marketing Manager at BlazeMeter, part of the Continuous Testing Business Unit.